Forest on Fire


Campers Start 500-Acre Forest Fire After Trying To Burn Their Poop In A Hole

June 15, 2018

Last Tuesday, crews were dispatched to the Voltaire Canyon, just north of Carson City, Nevada, to handle a fire that was rapidly spreading.

The fire grew to over 500 acres, and voluntary evacuations for residents of the canyon and the Carson Colony were put in place Wednesday.

How the fire started has been the talk of the town, however.  Two campers spending their evening in Voltaire Canyon tried to burn their poop.  In a hole.  And they caught the forest on fire.  500 acres because of poop.

Luckily, the firefighters did an excellent job of containing the flames, and structures surrounding the area were not under any immediate threat.  

The two campers were detained by the Carson City Sheriff's office.

Via USA Today