Hanging Christmas Lights

Man Tries To Save A Fake Clark Griswold Dangling From The Roof

December 4, 2018

This man is a HERO! For trying to save a very fake Clark Griswold.

Straight outta Austin, a family re-created a scene from "National Lampoon' s - Christmas Vacation". You know the clip where Clark is trying to hang Christmas lights and loses the ladder, ends up hanging off the roof!

Well, a guy passing saw this and was terrified to the point that he called 911. Now as you already know, Clark is actually a dummy. There is no real emergency here. Pretty funny right? 

Oh it gets better. The whole thing was caught by the surveillance cameras!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Thankfully for the Austin family, the police department did not give give out any citations not are they making the family remove fake Clark from the premises. And even better, the family gave the guy a gift card for the Holidays!  So here's to a happy ending!