The Colony Egret Mess Means Water Bills Will Be 50% Less

June 28, 2018

If you or someone you know lives in The Colony and deals with Egret's some good news! 

NBC 5 reports the City of The Colony continues wanting residents to keep their neighborhood clean from the mess the federally protected egrets make, and is reducing the water bills of those affected... by 50%!

Persons like Edward Rojo, age 17, who spends up to 40 mins per day washing egret poop from his family's front yard, sidewalks and walkway, will now able to do so, for less.

The mess isn't just directly from the egrets, it is also from what they don't eat... left over dead frogs, fish, whatever, and the large number of egrets that die, which creates a less than favorable aroma. The Colony City Manager Troy Powell recently said in a City Council meeting, "it's like the 'Night of The Living Dead' out there just with egrets instead of zombies." Haha!

Colony city leaders are working towards initiating the 50% lower water rate in approx. a week.

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