Raccoons In New York’s Central Park Die From Zombie Outbreak

July 23, 2018

Since June 24th about 26 raccoons have turned up dead from a viral outbreak that causes zombie-like behavior.

None of the raccoons discovered tested positive for rabies, it was revealed last Friday that the raccoons had contracted the distemper virus. The Distemper virus causes confusion, loss of coordination and death.

Two of the raccoons found inside Central Park in New York City tested positive for the canine distemper virus, and it is believed to have spread to the other raccoons as well. The virus does not affect human but does affect dogs who have not been vaccinated.

Some of the parks staff have seen some the symptoms of distemper virus in living raccoons. Assistant director at the Health Department, Dr. Sally Slavinski, tells the New York Post “They looked like they were circulating, wandering, having spasms. Some of the raccoons had some sort of nasal discharge.”

Most dogs are vaccinated for distemper, the virus can only be spread when animals make contact with infected saliva, urine, feces or respiratory discharge.

Via: New York Post