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Stick On Swimwear? No Thanks!

April 11, 2019

No, no, no, no, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What terrible human being invented sticker swimwear? Why are you trying to punish women!

Over the weekend, models walked down the runway at the Ultra Festival in Miami wearing nothing but tape. It's a new swimwear line from the Black Tape Project by Joel Alvarez, which is beautiful, but completely impractical. In fact, model Alexis Michaud posted of pic of her stick on one piece swimsuit showing it off. However, the comments section exploded with a lot of questions. Important questions like..."How do you pee?"

Had such an amazing time at @ultra with @blacktapeproject . It was worth the tan lines -- #ultra #miami

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No really! How do you use the restroom while wearing that? Does it restick? Not to mention, does it hurt to take off? Let's be honest, duct tape and skin are a bad combo especially in the "sensitive" areas. And can you actually wear it on water? We have to imagine it's just like a water proof band aid which will ultimately dissolve right off.