Sara Gilbert

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia)

ABC Considering "Roseanne" Reboot Focused On Sara Gilbert

June 4, 2018

ABC is reportedly in discussions to reboot the popular series Rosanne...again.

After star Roseanne Barr was fired for her controversial tweets, ABC pulled the plug on the reboot of the '90s sitcom.  But once again, the network is hoping to continue capturing the high ratings and success of the show by bringing it back, with the focus this time on Sara Gilbert's character Darlene Conner, rather than Roseanne.

TMZ is reporting Gilbert has been in contact with her Roseanne cast mates to gauge the interest of a potential re-reboot without the involvement of the show's namesake.  Tom Werner, producer of Roseanne is reportedly also interested in pursuing a reboot.  

Cast member John Goodman is rumored to be interested in participating in the re-reboot, though reps for neither Goodman nor Gilbert were immediately available for comment.

Via Fox News