Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers Are Coming To Hotel Rooms

June 20, 2018

Hey Alexa, order room service for me.

Amazon has now launched a new version of Alexa specifically for hotels. Marriott has already signed up for the new Amazon service and will roll out Amazon Echo smart speakers in 10 hotels this summer, including its Westin and St. Regis brands.

Guests will be able to ask Alexa to set alarms, dim the lights, and even have her sing you a lullaby to fall asleep. Hotels that sign up for the service will be able to customize Alexa’s hospitality responses, so you can ask for more towels, local recommendations, and for the pool hours all through the voice assistant. You’ll never have to call the front desk. Though you won’t be able to order anything from Amazon while staying the hotel.

Amazon has said that all hotel guests’ data will be deleted daily. For those of you who don’t trust the Amazon Echo, Marriott has said you can have the smart speaker taken out of the room or you can just unplug it.