Bride Demands Bridesmaids Take Lie Detector To Find Who Leaked Wedding Details

January 31, 2019

Weddings are a very important moment for you.  We get it.

The entire process can be incredibly taxing, and most people would be sympathetic and understanding if you’re just a little bit stressed.

That being said, there is no excuse for this.

A bride, who has previously exhibited brushes of bridezillaness after asking her guests to dress ACCORDING TO THEIR WEIGHT, is back with another outrageous demand.

After her wedding invitation, in which she asked guests to fork over £595 for the new outfit according to their weight, was leaked, she wanted to know the culprit.  She demanded her bridesmaids take a lie detector test to determine who was the whistleblower.  She even had a Polygraph Party to find the leaker.  Turns out, it was Stephanie, who was immediately removed from the property and the wedding. 

We think Stephanie dodged a bullet, here.

Via Heart