Destroyed Camera

Camera Melts After Nasa Launches SpaceX Rocket

May 29, 2018

Well that wasn't supposed to catch fire.

On May 22nd NASA launched a rocket that was part of the SpaceX program. Photographer Bill Ingalls has been snapping photos and taking video for NASA for over 30 years and hadn't lost a camera untill the other day.

Ingulls Canon DSLR was setup about a quarter of a mile from launch pad and in heavy brush. According to NASA the launch started a grass fire that traveled all the way up to the cameras location. Fire fighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading, but were unable to save the camera.

Ingulls says that he had six cameras set up to capture the launch. "I had six remotes, two outside the launch pad safety perimeter and four inside. Unfortunately, the launch started a grass fire that toasted one of the cameras outside the perimeter." Ironically enough the camera furthest away from launch pad was the one that melted, the others were perfectly fine.

Fortunately the cameras memory card was undamaged and captured the fire spreading, giving us some crazy footage. You can check it out below.