Crocodile Seen Floating On A Pool Noodle In Florida

August 23, 2018

Only Florida could beat Texas when it comes to which state has more crazy wildlife.

Florida Keys resident Victor Perez, posted a picture on Instagram of a crocodile floating in a canal with a pool noodle. He captioned the photo “Croc on a float”

Crock on a float #keylargo #rockemnreelem #floating #keyslife

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Perez told FOX 13 News It’s totally normal to see the occasional crocodile floating in the canal. "We see crocs from time to time in our canal but never ever one on a noodle. He could have been from up north on vacation just chilling."

Though alligators are more common in Florida, the American Crocodile can be found in southern Florida and has even been seen in parts of Tampa.