Dawn Wells

© Billy Easley / The Tennessean/USA Today Images

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: Actress Who Played Mary Ann Is Down, But Not Out

September 6, 2018

Dawn Wells, best known Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, is not in the dire picture painted in a story on TMZ.

The website reported that she is nearly $200,000 in debt due to medical and financial setbacks. A friend decided to then help by going public with a GoFundMe page.

But a source close to Wells says the details on the crowd-funding page that TMZ quoted are "inaccurate." And, the friend behind effort didn't vet their facts with Dawn or her management. Her medical expenses from a recent knee injury and complications from major surgery are not as high as reported. And, she's in no danger of becoming homeless.

A month away from turning 80, Dawn Wells is planning to downsize as many do approaching that age. And, she would like to work more than she's been able to in recent years.

Perhaps the rogue GoFundMe drive will help. As of Wednesday night, 492 people had contributed more than $19,000 in nine days toward the goal of $180,000.