Erica Cobb, Daily Blast Live, Talks With Jenny Q

November 8, 2018
Erica Cobb

Courtesy of Daily Blast Live


Have you watched Daily Blast Live - DBL - on WFAA Channel 8? OR...

maybe on YouTube... Facebook... ?

It's multi-platform, interactive and oh-so-entertaining! 

Co-host Erica Cobb tells me DBL's like morning radio on TV: you can comment immediately in real time regarding the trending topics of the day... and you may hear your insightful/humorous input right away. 

It airs in different time zones with different co-hosts via broadcast - or you can watch it all day online and see everyone and everything live! ;) 

Here's my chat with Erica - and check out Daily Blast Live at 2:30 on Channel 8!