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Family Dog Dies During Flight For Delta Airlines

June 4, 2018

Well its happend again.  Another dog has died while on a commercial airliner.  

Alejandro the Pomeranian was riding in the cargo hold of a Delta Air jet that took off from Phoenix headed for New Jersey but ended up having a stopover in Detroit.  After landing in Detroit, the 8-year-old Pom was apparently still alive.  However, it was discovered he'd died while transferring him to the connecting flight.

No cause of death has been determined as of yet, and Delta said they have begun a thorough investigation to find out what happend exactly so that this never happens again.  Delta is currently working with Alejandro's owners supporting them and offered a free necropsy.  

Evan Oshan, the couple's attorney, said that he has been aware of Delta pushing people to put their dogs in the cargo hold rather than the cabin.  The primary reason for this push comes from the fact that there are so many service dogs brought on flights in recent times, that the passenger areas are beginning to look like a kennel.  However Delta is claiming that it was the couple's choice to store their dog in cargo.   

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