Guests Of The Royal Wedding Are Selling Their Gift Bags On Ebay

May 22, 2018
The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex



Guests who were lucky enough to get an invite to the royal wedding over the weekend, are actually selling the gift bags they received on Ebay.  And bids are already pushing past $2,700 for one of these lavish bags.  

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex had around 600 people attend their wedding, and invited roughly 1,200 people to watch the wedding ceremony from outside of the chapel.  Guest outside the chapel received commemorative gift bags with goodies such as a gold wrapped chocolate coin with the couple’s initials, a water bottle, shortbread, a magnet featuring the wedding date and the initials “H” and “M,” as well as a coupon to a local store.  The gift bags are also monogrammed with Meghan and Harry’s initials, their wedding date and the location of the ceremony.

One user on Ebay listed their gift bag for sale for roughly $2,762. 

“The wedding was fabulous,” one guest reported. “The really nice touch was the goodie bag everyone was given together with a copy of the service.”

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