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Jimmy Fallon Picks Up The Check for Nearby Diners Who Left Him Alone

September 6, 2018

If you ever should see Jimmy Fallon at a restaurant, try to sit nearby.

Jimmy Fallon and his wife got to enjoy a quiet dinner at an upscale Hamptons restaurant last week without being interrupted by other diners. They were so grateful to be left alone that they decided to pick up the check for the table next to them.

The restaurant's manager overheard two couples sitting at the next table debating whether or not to talk to the Tonight Show host. They ultimately decided to leave them alone and gave them their privacy. 

Apparently, Fallon was also aware of them and was so appreciative that he walked over to say hello and offered to pick up their $1,136 tab. He told them, "I appreciate the fact that you gave us privacy and I want to thank you for that and I wanted to do something nice for you." (Us Weekly)

The restaurant manager says Fallon is great to the wait staff too and usually tips 30-40%.