The Cuban and The Redhead

Courtesy of The Cuban and The Redhead

Love Lucy? See ‘The Cuban & the Redhead’ at the Eisemann Theater!

September 27, 2018

Our local jewel, Pegasus Theater, has mounted a full-scale Desi-Lucy musical. It’s fantastic, in our backyard and this is the final weekend!

The Cuban and the Redhead has been six years in the making by Robert Bartley and Danny Whitman. It tells the story of a young Desi Arnaz departing chaotic Cuba, his complicated family, and the pursuit of his passion. Desi’s musical talent and charisma leads him to New York clubs and eventually to Broadway while on the other coast…

Jamestown, New York’s Lucy Ball has a series of studio acting contracts – cranking out B movies while striving for the A list.

The Cuban And The Redhead
Courtesy of The Cuban And The Redhead

Desi’s Broadway show becomes a movie, starring… Lucy Ball.

They meet on the set, marry two months later, and you may - sort of - know the rest of the story! Or not. 

Seeing their marital and creative challenges unfold on this stage, gives a deep appreciation for the fact I Love Lucy ever made it to the soundstage. The fact we can watch it today on Hulu has to do with Desi's bold moves in making sure it was "filmed in front of a live studio audience." Thank you, Desi! 

And despite the fact that glorious Lucy reruns have Mr. Arnaz remain as recognizable as anyone on the planet, suspending disbelief was not a problem. Native Texan, Storm Lineberger (San Antonio), plays him to uncanny perfection. You'll feel like you saw Desi Arnaz in person! Storm's numerous credits include two years as Raoul in the National Tour of The Phantom of the Opera and in regional productions from the Royal Albert Hall to the Hollywood Pantages. He is superb.

Lucy is played by talented stage veteran, Leslie Stevens, whose Broadway credits include the original Broadway production of La Cage Aux Folles and the Julie Andrews character in Victor/Victoria

Local musical theater favorite, Janelle Lutz, brings down the house with a poignant portrayal of Lucy’s muse, actress Carole Lombard

The Cuban And The Redhead
Courtesy of The Cuban And The Redhead

The ensemble shape-shifts, taking on numerous supporting characters - dancing and singing their way into our hearts.

I personally 'Love Lucy' as much as humanly possible. And I loved this show. Go see it. 

For tickets call the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts (972-744-4650) or go online to HERE.

Tickets $25-$50.