(Photo by ISO/SIPA USA)

Madonna: Desperately Seeking Chef

October 25, 2018

The Material Mom has placed ads seeking a full-time kosher chef who's willing to travel, and she's willing to pay for good help -- a whopping $200,000 a year. 

The job entails cooking for Madge and her six kids, and joining them in their homes in New York, London and Lisbon, Portugal.

She's soliciting resumes through a company called Talent Private Staff, and she gives a hint of what dinnertime is like at Casa Madonna: 

"The client's favored foods are Italian cuisine (risotto is a favorite), Asian Sushi/Sashimi, classic European and American dishes. They are not looking for a fine-dining chef; food should be healthy, simple and family style." (Daily Mail)​

I somehow forgot Madonna had a half dozen kids. No wonder she wants a traveling chef!

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