McDonald's Issues Warning After Finding Poop In Their Salads!

July 25, 2018

Look, we love McDonald's.

It's fast, cheap, and super....super comforting, and sometimes after a long morning you just want to settle down with a Big Mac and Large Fry, y'know.  We understand an argument can be made about avoiding the Golden Arches, and now, it's more than just about the calories you're consuming, but about what you're consuming.

Across 10 different states, over 163 people have fallen ill due to fecal matter in their McDonald's salads.  It's not just mild cases, either.  The Food and Drug Administration confirmed that many of these cases people have become infected with the Cyclospora parasite, which can involve frequent and explosive bowel movements, loss of appetite, weight loss, cramping, nausea, and fatigue.  We'd like to avoid that as best we can!

McDonald's supplier in Streamwood, Illinois apparently has a tainted batch of lettuce that was delivered to restaurants all over the country, though the company has taken immediate action to help remedy the situation.  McDonald's told USA Today, "We have removed lettuce blend provided by Fresh Express' Streamwood, Illinois, facility.  Many restaurants already have a new lettuce blend supply, while we expect all identified restaurants will have new supply in the next few days."

Unfortunately, the symptoms of a cyclospora infection sometimes takes up to six weeks to appear in the victim.

Via NY Post