Jenny Q With Paul Moline and Jim Round

Jenny Q

Mo & Jim, Founders of the 18th Annual 'MJ Event' to Cure Cancer, Visit KLUV Studio!

April 12, 2018

If you have cancer, have had it or know someone affected by cancer - and who doesn't fall into these categories - the 18th annual MJ Event is around the corner. A joyful family-friendly weekend celebrating the future end of cancer. 

Speaking with event founders Paul "Mo" Moline and Jim Round, Mo & Jim -The M and J - inspired me head to toe. Both had parents struggling with cancer around the turn of the century, and they felt absolutely compelled to 'do' something.

So... grab your kids, friends, family and attend at Texas Motor Speedway, Friday & Saturday, April 27 & 28. Here's the list of events! There's Kick-Off Party, Golf, Fabulous Food & Drink, Cornhole and more more more…

Mo & Jim were recently selected as one of the 50 out of 27 million Fortune 500 employees to receive the "Heroes of the 500" award for their philanthropic work. This MJ event they began 17 years ago has generated close to $7 million dollars to cure cancer.