More Than 100 People Walked Out Of 'The House That Jack Built' Screening

May 16, 2018
Empty Movie Theater

There have been a few horror movies throughout history that have totally disgusted and terrified audiences. Every once in a while there's a movie so disgusting that people are forced to walk out of the theater. Sadly, we live in an age where people seem much more desensitized to horror movie and its hard to get that kind of reaction these days. 

There is, however, one upcoming horror flick that just might break the streak. During the screening for Lars von Trier’s new serial killer film, "The House That Jack Built," at the Cannes Film Festival, more than 100 people walked out of the theater. Audience members claim that the movie is one of the most disgusting stories ever put to film.

The film stars Matt Dillon as your classic anti-social homicidal psychopath, and apparently chronicles, in great detail, his murderous exploits. Uma Thurman co-stars, and appears to play one of Jack's victims.

"The House that Jack Built" looks to be as controversial as it is revolting, according to audience members. The movie features graphic mutilation of women and children, which as you can imagine, has sparked some pretty heated criticism.

If you're brave enough, check out the trailer below...