'Phantom' Has a Sequel and It's On Stage Now in DFW: Jenny Q Speaks With Broadway's Bronson Norris Murphy

July 26, 2018

As Phantom of the Opera reached it's 30th anniversary on Broadway earlier this year, its sequel Love Never Dies, the Phantom Returns, tours North America for the first time - with stops in both Dallas and Ft. Worth!

I had the privilege of speaking to the man playing musical theater's most famous role, Bronson Norris Murphy, who may know Phantom of the Opera as well as anyone... he's played 9 different roles in Phantom on Broadway! Bronson, his fellow leading actors, and the sets and costumes of 1907 Coney Island are receiving stellar reviews on this tour.

So what happens in this sequel... ? No spoilers but Love Never Dies takes place ten years after the Phantom's disappearance from the Paris Opera House. He's escaped to a new life in new York where he lives among the screaming joy rides and freak shows of Coney Island with a place for his music to soar, but he has never stopped yearning for his one true love and musical protégée, Christine Daaé. Remember Raoul?They're married. She's accepted an invitation to travel from Paris to New York to perform at a renowned opera house and brings her young son. I assume they visit Coney Island... : )

The ultimate love story continues in Love Never Dies.

On stage:

In Dallas at the Music Hall Fair Park, July 24 through August 5.

In Ft Worth at Bass Hall, August 7 through 12 .