Rod Stewart Cancels Shows Due to Broken Foot

October 25, 2018

Ouch! Rod Stewart, soccer fan extraordinaire, broke his foot playing the game with his sons. 

He's been ordered by his doctors to keep weight off the foot and wear a cast or boot until it's healed. And after a few shows last week, the foot swelled, adding additional stress to the fracture.

Stewart says, "It’s time I listen to my doctor, and my foot, and stay off it.”

Boise, like Billngs, Montana on Friday night, had been rescheduled from last April. Still, no word if tomorrow's show is a go.

In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Stewart talked about playing soccer with his sons. "I’ve built a lovely AstroTurf pitch for my two youngest boys. One’s 12, and the other one’s seven. We go out there every evening. I try and teach them a few things. That is the most wonderful thing ever, just playing football at my age with your kids."

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