Sixth Grader's Anonymous Note Leads Man To Who Hit His Car And Fled The Scene

November 28, 2018

A college student approached his vehicle one afternoon to find it dented.  It was not dented when he left it.

Attached to the windshield was a note.  However, the note was not left by the driver of the other vehicle that apparently hit him, it was written by an anonymous sixth grader who witnessed the hit-and-run, and wanted to help him out.

The culprit? Her very own bus driver clipped the vehicle and fled the scene!

The student, Andrew Sipowicz, was able to track down the sixth grander who left the note, and said he was “in the process” of finding some reward for her.  He said, “I'm looking into going to meet her in person next week and thank her for what she did.”

Sipowicz has contacted the company that operates the buses, and spoke to a supervisor to get the damage sorted out

Via CBS News