UNT Professor Will Attempt To Break The Record For The Longest History Lesson

August 24, 2018

Andrew Torget is an associate professor at the University of North Texas and he wants to set a new record for the longest history lesson. 

Torget is ready to talk for 24 hours straight about the one subject he knows best, and that’s Texas history. Torgettells CBS DFW that he has prepared his lesson plan over the last couple of months. “Idea is we’re gonna teach all of Texas history from the beginning of time, cave people, up until last week.”

Andrew says that he likes to run and that his training as a runner will definitely help. Luckily he is allowed to take a five-minute break once an hour. 

Unfortunately, if you need a history credit and attend Torget’slesson it will not be given. 

Andrew’s record-breaking history lesson began at 9:00 AM on Friday morning.