Brown Recluse Spider

Woman Finds Almost 50 Brown Recluse Spiders In Her Bedroom

July 6, 2018

A Tennessee woman is recovering after suffering multiple bites form the extremely poisonous brown recluse spider. 

Angela Wright claims the deadly bugs have completely invaded her apartment. She even claims to have found nearly 50 in her bedroom alone. 

Shortly after being bit Wright claims she, "Noticed that my arm, my left arm, was hurting and then I just casually dismissed it." But things quickly took a turn for the worse, "I couldn't walk I couldn't move and barely could swallow. I was starting to hallucinate,” Wright said. Doctors confirmed that she had suffered from a least three bites.

Unfortunately, Wright claims her landlord said they would never get rid of the spiders because they're, "just part of Nashville and the south in general.”

Via 10TV