Woman Jailed For Three Months After Police Mistook Her Cotton Candy For Meth

November 29, 2018

Two Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over Dasha Fincher and her boyfriend December 31, 2016 because they thought the tinting on her windows was a little too dark.

The officers asked Fincher if they could search the vehicle, where they found a “a large, open clear plastic bag which contained a light blue substance, spherical in shape.” Fincher and her boyfriend explained it was just cotton candy, but the officers decided to conduct a field test anyway.  When the test showed a positive result for methamphetamine, Fincher and her boyfriend were arrested on the spot for possession and trafficking of methamphetamine.

Fincher’s bail was set at $1 million, an amount she could not produce, so she spent the next three months in jail, continually proclaiming her innocence.  Finally, test results from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation proved that the substance was in fact cotton candy, and contained not even a trace amount of meth.  Still, Fincher was kept in jail almost two weeks after the tests proved her innocent. 

Finally released, she is levying a lawsuit against Monroe County and the three officers involved in the incident for wrongful imprisonment and violating her civil rights. 

Fincher says that during her time locked up, she missed “several major life events,” including the births of her twin grandsons and her daughter’s miscarriage.  She also claims to have been refused medical treatment for a broken hand and ovarian cyst.  

She’s hoping her lawsuit will prompt changes within the criminal justice system.  She says, “I think the best thing they could do would be to change the [drug testing] policy, or change how they test, or have more training. Because it's crazy, the way it happened. It took so long.”  She also wants closure on some aspect of her case, including why it took her so long to be released even after the tests proved her innocent.  “I've lost a lot I can't get back.  Three months is a long time.”