Who Knew There's So Much That's New At The Dallas Zoo?

August 2, 2018

​The Dallas Zoo is celebrating its thirteenth decade. There's a reason it's considered one of the best in the country.

​It's hard to put into words just how really cool the Dallas Zoo is. 

When it was founded 130 years ago, the Dallas Zoo was like all zoos - a place where you could look at wild, exotic creatures from faraway places. Actually, back then it was just two deer and a scruffy pair of mountain lions a man in Colorado sold the city for $60 - and just making sure the latter didn't eat the former was a measure of success. There wasn't much science or conservation involved, and exhibition was the primary purpose. 

That kind of thinking is a gazillion miles from where zoos are now, and from the imperative role they play in understanding and preserving entire species. And right there at the top is our very own Dallas Zoo - rightfully named one of the best zoos in the entire country.

Recently, the kind folks at the Dallas Zoo honored me with a tour - and a close-up look at just a few of the fascinating new things you'll find there these days. Nicole Sweeney's official title is Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving, and took me for a quick spin to see everything that's going on. 

And I got to feed a giraffe. 

I envy Nicole and her colleagues. How awesome would it be to sail on Noah's ark every day? And that's what makes the Dallas Zoo so special. It isn't just a really great place to see lots of amazing creatures. It's a really special place that's a big part of making sure those fantastic creatures are around for future generations. The kids programs make me want to sign up for one. It's also not a bad place to have a concert or throw a party, and the Zoo even hosts more than a few weddings. Tarzan say I do. 

Enjoy the video. From the Wilds of Africa Safari Adventure to that cute little baby gorilla you've heard about, there are a million reasons to grab the family this week and go. 

I mean, a giraffe!