23-Foot Python In Indonesia Swallowed A Woman Whole

June 18, 2018

Urban legend right? WRONG!

54-year-old Wa Tiba was tending to her vegetable garden on Thursday evening when she went missing. For fear of wild boars getting into her corn, Tiba had planted her garden about a half a mile away from her home. However, when she wasn't back home by early Friday morning, her sister started to worry and went out to look for her. Unfortunately, all she found was her slippers, her flashlight, and her machete.

At this point, her family as well as the nearby village sent out a search party which found 23-foot-long python about 150 feet away from her belongings, both fat and lethargic. Immediately, the villagers killed the snake, cut it open, where they discovered Tiba's body.

Warning! The pictures featured below are pretty intense.

When you work in pathology one thing you have to come to terms with is that most people will think you are a litttttle weird. I have been around pathology/laboratory people for over 20 years and I have met some weirdos! But none as weird as myself! There is nothing more satisfying than cutting something open and getting a further look inside. Recently, on vacation, I skimmed the beach for 2 weeks looking for things to cut open! It’s in my blood! I live for it! --A couple people sent me photos of an animal attack this week where a snake ate a woman whole! My first thought was- Man I wish I could have cut that snake open. I have always heard it was possible for a snake to eat a person, but to actually see it is mind blowing! The story is that a 54 year old Indonesian woman was tending to her vegetable garden on Thursday night. She went missing but her belongs were found including sandals, a flashlight and a machete. The family and villagers searched for the woman and found a huge bloated snake that could barely move close to where her belongs were found!!!! The villagers killed the snake and brought it back into the village where they cut it open and found her DEAD BODY SWALLOWED WHOLE. She was still wearing her clothes and she was swallowed head first. This is so crazy and cool to me!!! Another thing you have to get used to working in pathology, a cool day for you is a bad day for them! Maybe it keeps you a little grounded. It could always be worse!

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Wow. We're still in disbelief.