Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Has Dementia

August 10, 2018

(Photo by AdMedia)

Truly heartbreaking news out of Hollywood. Beloved Star Trek actress, Nichelle Nichols, has been diagnosed with dementia.

According to Dr. Meena Makhijani , who's been seeing Nichols for the last few years, says she has "moderate progressive dementia." In Nichols' case, she is struggling with short -term memory and has a difficult time understanding abstract concepts, sense of time, place and immediate recall.

There is some good news, Nichols' long-term memory still seems to be in tact. She is also capable of clear comprehension, verbal communication, concentration, recognition of familiar people, as well as ability to reason logically and plan actions.

Fairly recently, Nichelle's son has had to legally step in and appoint conservators to prevent her from being taken advantage of. And it appears there's some sort of legal battle of her estate and the money she had made in the last five years. A friend has started a GoFundMe for Nichols to help out with expenses, however, we aren't sure how official this page is.