HGTV Wants Lance Bass To Be Part Of The "Brady Bunch" House Show

August 9, 2018

(Photo by F. Sadou/AdMedia)

Just like every Brady Bunch episode, the HGTV / Lance Bass house drama gets a happy ending!

After a grueling auction battle, Lance Bass had the Brady Bunch house ripped out from underneath him after a last minute bid by a corporate buyer, who we later learned was HGTV. While Bass was upset at first, he later took back his statements saying he thought HGTV would do right by the house.

Of course HGTV returned the love and even took things a step further. It looks like Lance may have a cameo on TV with the Brady house. Apparently, they have a meeting scheduled for next week to discuss the show and restoring the house back to its original 70s glory.

No word yet on what role Lance will play with the show just yet. But perhaps after the restoration is complete, they'll give Bass first dibs of buying it.