Truck Carrying Axe Body Spray Explodes Along I-35 In Texas

September 3, 2018
Body Spray, Deodorant

A trucker was driving through Belton, about 60 miles north of Austin, when he noticed a fire in his rearview mirror.

He pulled over to the shoulder and detached his truck from the trailer, which happened to be carrying highly explosive Axe Body Spray.  When the fire finally reached the trailer, it exploded, sending the cans of the body spray everywhere.  

Despite the highway being shut down for eight hours, and pretty much reduced to gravel after the explosion, luckily nobody was hurt from the explosion.  Jodi Wheatley, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation, told CNNthree lanes, and both shoulders, on that section of I-35 would need to be removed and replaced because of the intensity of the flames.  At least it smelled good.