Dad Hack: Tie A String To Your Kid's Swing, So You Can "Push" Them While Sitting & Drinking A Beer

July 26, 2018

And the winner of the Dad of the Year Award goes to...this guy! We don't know his name, but we do know he's pretty creative when it comes to pushing his daughter on the swing set.

First of all, no judgment here. We get it, it's hot. You just wanna chill with a cold beer. Unfortunately, those dang kids just won't allow it. So what do you do when your child wants a push on the swing, which is allllllllll the way across the backyard? Well, you tie a rope to the swing so you can pull it with one hand while your other hand happily holds your beer.

Dad of the year✔️ #Parenthooding #ParenthoodingOriginals DM this to someone.

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This man is a hero.