Dallas Zoo's 2-Year-Old Elephant Adorably Tries To Scare Away A Duck In His Pond

May 16, 2018

The animal kingdom is filled with all kinds of adorable creatures. However, it doesn't get much cuter than the Dallas Zoo's 2-year-old elephant Ajabu.

On Tuesday, the Dallas Zoo celebrated Ajuba's second birthday with a giant cake of course. It took a little coaxing from his momma Mlilo, but eventually he dove into that cake like a pro.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AJABU! Our baby boy is 2 years old today! It's hard to believe it's been 24 months since we found this surprise calf in our #elephant barn. If it wasn't for our commitment to save his mom Mlilo from drought-stricken Swaziland, Africa, this little guy wouldn't be here today, thriving in our care. It's all because we took a chance, a major one. Ajabu is now 1,560 pounds (that's a ton of growth from a 175-pound newborn!). His tusks are growing in, which makes him a little uncomfortable, similar to when babies teethe. He still nurses and will do so for another year. He's becoming more independent, but is still mama's boy. He loves to chase birds, push logs, dig holes, mud wallow, and play in the water cannon (err, more like, charge the water cannon like the big, bad boy he thinks he is). If you'd like to go down memory lane, read our favorite moments from Ajabu's first year of life and grab the tissues: bit.ly/Ajabu1Year

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Not only did Ajuba have a great birthday, but he's also really coming into his own. In fact, he's starting to get a little territorial too. Just watch as he shows a duck who's boss. 

VOLUME UP! In honor of our baby #elephant turning two, please enjoy this video of big, bad Ajabu showing a wild duck who's boss. (Side note: His little trumpet makes us melt.)

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OMG! His little trumpet is unbelievably adorable!