Donald Trump Responds To Melania's "I Really Don't Care" Jacket, Says It's About Fake News

June 22, 2018

(Photo by Chris Kleponis/Pool/Sipa USA)

On Thursday, Melania Trump made a surprise visit To Texas, to spend some time with immigrant children who were recently separated from their parents. However, no one is talking about her visit, instead it's all about the jacket she wore.

Earlier this week, Melania made her thoughts on the immigration law clear, she's against separating kids from their families. However, her jacket would seem to imply otherwise. Now, we don't really think Melania did this on purpose. It legitimately seems like poor timing. The jacket in question, is a $39 Zara jacket that says...

"I really don't care. Do u?"

Well, Donald Trump is coming to her defense via the Twittersphere. The President claims that the coat's quote is about fake news.

Like we said earlier, we don't think Melania meant anything by her jacket, one way or another. However, others believe this could have been a message for the Donald himself.