Google Honors Mister Rogers With A Google Doodle

September 21, 2018

(Photo by Nicole Villalpando/Austin American-Statesman/TNS)

Today, Google Doodle celebrates the life and influence of the one and only Mister Rogers. Naturally, that means an epic Google Doodle...a short claymation film that's sure to melt you heart.

The short film is a version of the original show's introduction. Warning! You will cry happy tears at the end! The camera slowly zooms out to see a group of kids watching. It's just a perfect little tribute.

It's hard to believe that 51 years ago to the date, September 21st, 1967, Fred Rogers walked into his first day of work at WQED in Pittsburgh to film the first episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. You can read more about it HERE.