Texas Police Officer Dances With Sweet Girl In Wheelchair At Quinceañera

July 4, 2018
Wheelchair, Wheel, Female, Hand

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Sandy Fernandez was working security at a quinceañera when he noticed a little girl in a wheelchair on the dance floor.

The Houston police officer told CBS News, "Every time she would pass the dance floor she would just laugh, she would smile at me.  Every time she passed by I would just smile and wave."   He watched her dance with her mother, and knew she had the moves.  So when she passed by him again later on in the evening, he reached out his hand and asked her to dance.  Fernandez said, "I started spinning her around and she followed me and she smiled the whole time.  She just stole my heart."

Fernandez never got her name, and guesses she was around five-years-old.  He said, "We were just following the music and the moment.  She was just a sweetheart.  I mean, I've never seen someone who could be so approachable and so sweet... she had a positive vibe."

Via CBS News