Sorry Folks! Whataburger & Blue Bell Are NOT Teaming Up For New Honey Butter Ice Cream

July 23, 2018

(Photo by Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Mmmmmmm, honey butter ice cream sounds weirdly delicious. Unfortunately, it's not a real thing. Whomp, whomp.

Some fancy internet photoshopper tried to make it look like Whataburger and Blue Bell were teaming up on a new flavor of ice cream, the very specific honey butter flavor which is modeled after Whataburger's delicious honey butter chicken biscuit.

Nice try internet! But we're not buying it for a number of reasons.

1. The quality of the photo is terrible. Look how fuzzy everything is!

2. Neither Whataburger or Blue Bell has made any official statements on the product.

3. There has been zero social media on the product.

Sorry to burst your bubble.