It's Summer In Texas, Which Means It's Time To Bake Cookies On Your Dashboard!

June 28, 2018
Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Photo via Dreamstime)

It's officially been one week since Summer began, but if someone were to ask any of us, it's felt like Summer since the last week of May.  

Hey, it's Texas, and we love is, but it's freaking hot, y'all.

So hot, you can now bake a delicious heaping of chocolate chip cookies just using the sun's rays and your dashboard.  This comes courtesy of Reddit user Dopplesoldner1, who posted a picture of a delicious tray of chocolate chip cookies being cooked by the Texas sun while resting on the dashboard of his car.

As for how the cookies tasted, Dopplesoldner1 said, "It actually turned out well, shocked the crap out of me."