Jody's Treats & Eats Guide To Father's Day In DFW

June 15, 2018

Leave it to someone from the northeast to NOT know how to find places to eat in north Texas. There are SO many problems with this. ​I'll give you one more. She's from McKinney. This is embarrassing.

East Coast Magazine Recommends Where To Eat In Texas...It Does NOT Go Well.

To make up for it, a few recommendations for Father's Day. Great food and you won't have to wait (much) to get in:

Ten50, Richardson - There are a ton of great barbecue places around Dallas-Fort Worth, but this one has the additional benefit of being huge. Along the lines of Cooper's and Hard Eight, which are also great options for carnivorous dads. Lots of room for big groups, and they have live music. Make sure you get dessert, too. 

Luby's, Dallas-South Hampton - I know, I know. But this isn't just any cafeteria. They do something to the food there. It's always been that way. Everything in the serving line is home-made good, and so pretty you'll literally want some of everything. 

Woodshed Smokehouse, Fort Worth - First of all, it's right on one of the most scenic stretches of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. Second, it's a whole lot more than barbecue. Chef Tim Love created the place, and loves to play around - and there's something interesting for every taste. 

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, Dallas West End - This is the place we have to go to when my oldest son comes to town, and it's definitely dad-friendly. If you love wild game, this is your place - and their seafood is just as delicious as their thick, perfect steaks. Tony and Michael Street set an authentic Texas tone, and by all means try the prickly pear sorbet. 

Catfish Plantation, Waxahachie - So many new neighbors arrive in north Texas on a daily basis that it's worth revisiting this famous Ellis County destination. Nestled in a 19th Century Victorian house, the catfish has kept people coming for years - though you'll probably need a nap after you wrap things up with some pecan cobbler. Oh, yeah. And it's haunted. 

And a few websites I live where you can find pretty much anything a dad could want - and get it to him by Sunday. 


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