Man Shaves Chest Hair Into A Bikini

June 13, 2018

It's a mankini!!! Or a chest hairkini?

Ok fellas, if you've been looking for that perfect swimsuit for summer...look no further! It's been right on your own chest this entire time! And it will probably cost you a lot less money. All it take is a trip to the barbershop.

Meet @akdhairdresser, who apparently specializes in the new chest hair bikini! So much so, he's willing to share his craft with the world via Instagram.

SAYENİZDE SAYFAMIZ GÜNDEN GÜNE BÜYÜYOR.. BEĞENİ,YORUM VE KAYDET tuşuna basmayı unutmayalım-- @thebarberpost @nastybarbers @internationalbarbers @sharpfade @ukmasterbarbers @menshairs @berberlerdünyasi @barber.clips @barber_boom @bestofbarbers @fadegame @guyshair @mensstylehair @menshairworld @9gag @1ncicaps

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That will certainly turn some heads this summer.