Minnesota Raccoon Becomes An Internet Sensation After Scaling 25 Floors Of An Office Building

June 13, 2018

While DFW spent their Tuesday watching a car chase that started in McKinney, the entire state of Minnesota and most of the internet was watching a raccoon scale an office building.

In an event that went well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning, one brave raccoon attempted a feat no other raccoon has ever tried before...to climb up a 25 story building. Thankfully, after several hours, he did finally make it to the roof, but not before taking a nap break on the 23rd floor.

Naturally, someone got a live feed on this adorable trash panda so that we could watch all day long.

Now that we know this little guy is safe and sound, here are the best tweets from the day!

Thanks raccoon. It's been fun!