Miranda Lambert & Even Felker Are Over, Apparently He "Broke Her Rules"

August 30, 2018

(Photo by Larry McCormack/The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Dating a celebrity is hard. Apparently there are a list of intense rules involved.

Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker have called it quits. While the two only dated for about six months, Evan actually ended his marriage to be with Miranda. Even after all of that, the tow just couldn't make it work. According to People, Miranda is the one who called things off. A source claims Evan broke Miranda's rules saying...

"I don't think it was a dramatic split, but he knew what he was 'allowed' to do based on her rules and he broke them. He did something that he knew she wasn’t going to approve of, she assumed he did it and he didn’t deny it."

Is one of the "rules" cheating? Because they both already kind of broke that one.