Little Girl Demands "$#@&*% Donuts," Really Means Dunkin' Donuts

August 15, 2018

Baby's first cuss word is every parent's nightmare. You never know when or where it's going to drop (more than likely, in public), nor do you know what select word it will be. Of course you hope and pray it's not the big one...the fateful F word, but there's always a chance it could happen.

There's also the chance that your kiddo isn't actually cussing. As their language develops, they're bound to get a few things wrong. In this case, a little girl really, really, wants "$#@&*% Donuts." At first mom is a bit shocked and thrown off by her daughter's demand, that is until she realizes her daughter wants Dunkin' Donuts.


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Ok, that's the cutest mispronunciation ever! But mom may want to find a different donut shop, at least until her daughter masters the letter D.