Newlyweds Barely Escape Falling Tree Branch During Their Wedding Photos

July 6, 2018

Thankfully, this couple has cat-like reflexes.

Congrats are in order for Chyenne and Lucas for a couple of diffeent reasons. First of all, congrats on the wedding. Secondly, we're really happy y'all are still alive!

Freddy Hernandez Photography caught a near death experience while trying to shoot the wedding video for Chyenne and Lucas. After the wedding, the couple was talking, sitting at a picnic table under the trees, sipping on a beer, when you hear a loud crack above their heads. After a quick look up, the two manage to dash out of the way of the falling limb just in the knick of time!

"Our love will forever be stronger than that tree."

Whew! That was way too close! Glad they're both ok.