Mickey & Minnie Mouse Have Changed Quite A Bit Over The Years, Here They Are In The 30s

August 6, 2018

(Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)

It should come as no surprise that Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse have changed over the years. Even in the cartoons, the characters have evolved over time into what we all know and love now. However, they weren't always quite so friendly looking at the parks.

Let's time travel back to the 1930s. Obviously the technology to create and replicate the cartoon Mickey and Minnie as a costume wasn't nearly as easy as it is today. While the idea of the famous duo is still there, it's much more harsh than what we know today. In fact, it might creep you out just a bit.

Now this picture comes from a Disney fan club. So really, we don't know if these costumes are official Disney costumes. It could very well be a couple of parents who made their own for their son's birthday party.

We also found a Wiki page devoted to the Mickey and Minnie costumes throughout the years...none of which look anything like the picture above. You can see all of those pics HERE.