Young Thug's New Song "High" Features A Remixed Elton John & Fans Are Loving It

September 24, 2018

(Photo by Joe Lamberti/Courier Post via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Elton John has a new song out! Ok, so maybe it's not new, but it's certainly different that the original version of "Rocket Man."

Much like fashion, music can also come full circle. Back in 1970, Elton John released a little song called "Rocket Man", which is currently trending on Twitter today. Rapper Young Thug took a sample of the song for his new song "High". It's slightly remixed, but there's no doubt it's Elton John. You can listen to the entire song below...

Young Thug just dropped the album On the Rvn and the reviews are already pouring in for "High". Fans are loving it!

Pretty cool that Elton's music is reaching a completely different generation.