Student Barred From Walking At Graduation After Trying To Sell School On Craigslist As Prank

May 28, 2018
Black Graduation Caps, Ceremony, Students

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Kylan Scheele thought for his senior prank, who would place an ad in the online marketplace Craigslist, advertising his high school was available for purchase.

Unfortunately, this prank has landed Scheele in some hot water, and due to what the school district considers to be an "implied" threat, Scheele was suspended for three days and will not be allowed to walk during his graduation ceremony.  In the ad, Steele wrote the school would be for sale due to a "loss of students coming up."  Scheele explained this was because of the upcoming graduating seniors, though the district interpreted it to be a threat of a more serious order.  

Now, the ACLU of Missouri is speaking on behalf of Scheele, arguing the Independence School District's "disproportionately harsh punishment violates Scheele’s free speech rights and also does a public disservice by discouraging young people from exercising their constitutional right to express themselves.  The ACLU has even filed a lawsuit on behalf of Scheele against the district.  

Now, an online petition has been started to allow Scheele to walk at graduation.  Scheele’s mother Denetra Clark said, "If they wanted to silence him, I think they probably had the opposite effect because other students are out there saying 'we've done this,' some are saying 'we've done worse.'  We have no words to describe how amazing it is to know our city, our community, our metropolitan area has so many people who just want to see him succeed."  

The school district stands by their decision, calling the prank "disruptive."  According to a district spokesperson, "Given the nature of the post, the Independence Police Department was treating this as a very serious threat.  The clear substantial and material disruption served as the basis for the suspension."

Via Fox 4 KC