Teacher Returns A Letter To President Trump, Corrects All Grammatical Errors

May 29, 2018

(Photo by Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA)

Even the President of the United States isn't above the grammar police.

It looks like president Donald Trump might be failing English after a Georgia teacher, Ms. Yvonne Mason, corrected his paper. Ms. Mason had previously sent a letter to the president about gun safety in schools sometime after the Parkland shooting in Florida. Believe it or not, but she did get a response from Donald Trump himself. He thanked her for her thoughts on the matter. He also went on to explain the new rules the Department of Justice has put in place to help protect students and teachers. He thanked her yet again, then signed it "Sincerely, Donald Trump."

Upon reading the letter, Ms. Mason whipped out the grading pen and took the president to task. For the most part, it's a bunch of capitalization errors. There are a few sentences that needed further explanation. Just one issue with noun construction. Overall, it's not the worst grammar we've ever seen. At least everything is spelled correctly. 

Retired Teacher mails Trump letter back with edits.

Click here to see a clearer pic.

Now, who knows if this letter was really sent back to Trump or not. More than likely it wasn't. If it was, it's highly unlikely Trump would ever see it. But honestly, don't we all know someone who would do this?