Tyler Perry Offers Geoffrey Owens An Acting Job After He Was Job Shamed For Working At Trader Joe's

September 5, 2018

(Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA)

Good news for former Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens!!! He has a new gig with Tyler Perry!

Elvin aka Geoffrey Owens recently made headlines after someone snapped a picture of him as a cashier at Trader Joe's. While Owens is between acting jobs, he works as a cashier. No big deal, right? Wrong. The pic went viral immediately, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of saluting the side hustle, people job shamed him.

Of course, numerous actors came to his defense. Brooklyn Nine Nine's Terry Crews talked about he swept floors after the NFL.

Patricia Heaton mentioned that she summarized depositions while she was on Thirtysomething.

As if that wasn't enough, Tyler Perry has also jumped in Owens' corner, not only defending his job, but offering him an acting gig too! And get this...it's on OWN's #1 hit drama!!!

See kids, hard work really does pay off.