Jerry Jones Says Dallas Cowboys Players Must Stand For The National Anthem This Season

July 26, 2018

(Photo by Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

As the Dallas Cowboys head to training camp, owner Jerry Jones is the one making the headlines.

While the NFL has put a freeze on kneeling during the National Anthem, at least until they can come up with a compromise with the Player's Association, Jerry Jones speaking up. According to Jones, his players will stand for the anthem. In a press conference on Wednesday, Jones said...

"Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line."

Jones also went on to talk about President Trump's involvement on the issue, saying...

"His interest in what we're doing is problematic, from my chair, and I would say in general the owners' chair. It's unprecedented, if you really think about it. But like the very game itself, that's the way it is and we'll deal with it."

Looks like we'll have to wait for the first game of the season to see if the team abides by Jerry's new rule.